For some adrenaline rush try out bungee jumping in Goa

Skydiving is a thrilling activity which is not available in Goa but if there is one adventure activity here which comes close to skydiving in terms of thrill, then it is bungee jumping. Here you are going to fall upside down from a height of 50 m/ 60 m/ 70 m depends on your package, with only your legs attached to a rope. As the free fall will end and the rope recoils, it tosses you up and down in the air, making for a dizzying experience. Bungee Jumping in Goa is certainly not for the faint of heart.

It is the most famous extreme sport of them all. You just have to attach yourself to a huge rubber band and throw yourself off somewhere inadvisably high. The setting just adds to the mind-blowing rush. So brace yourselves for this arousing jump from an enormous height on your adventure vacation to Goa. Fadeaway your phobia from heights by indulging in the venturesome activity of bungee jumping in Goa. All you have to do is fasten your ankles with an elastic rope and enjoy the thrilling free fall from the elevated platform to achieve an exciting feat that you can flaunt about.

Bungee Jumping is one of the top adventure activities in Goa. Bungee jumping is a thrilling adventure activity which needs a lot of courage. Although there will also be a safety measure for the experience, you still need to visit this incredible place and gather all the courage to jump from a height. The experience includes a platform which is placed several meters above the ground. The activity involves free-falling from a height of 50m/ 60m/ 70m based on your package from a Cantilever platform. Like scuba diving, Goa is one of the premier destinations for bungee jumping in India. Although adventure lovers will enjoy a lot of thrills.

When talking about adventure activities in Goa, there’s perhaps nothing that can match the thrill of being thrown from a great height as you fall through the air, cutting the height one foot at a time and just a few feet before you get anywhere close to the ground or water, you will feel the cord around you jerk and cut the free fall short. There are some popular centers where you can go for a bungee jump in Goa. You will be getting all the safety gear and instructions at the center, following which you will be going to bungee jump. Before you jump the height, make sure you look around and enjoy the view.You will get the best bungee jumping in goa packages here in your budget. If you are a person who prefers adventure above leisure and wants to beat your fear of free-falling from heights, then go for a bungee jump in Goa and get an adrenaline rush. You can try this activity of Bungee jumping in Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach & Baga Beach. There are other also other adventure activities in Goa that you can try like flyboarding, snorkeling, jet-skiing, scuba diving, ATV ride, and many more.

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