Love Bungee Jumping? Here Are The Best Places To Try Bungee Jumping In India

Adventure sports activities are something all of us need to attempt however extra frequently than now no longer are scared as hell to attempt them. New Zealand is famous for its Bungee Jumping and catching up with this awesome craze, India has additionally unfolded several warm spots to do that pretty loopy but amusing adventure activity. So here are some of them.


Though recognised for a diverse variety of incredible adventure activities in Goa, now no longer many understand that Goa is likewise the house to the best bungee jumping locations of India. If you’re in your Goa trip, the Sea Water Sports is the best for bungee jumping in Goa to pump your adrenaline up without getting yourself moist withinside the salty sea waters of the beaches.

Those who are on their Goa trip for travelling functions ought to no longer pass over the bungee jumping with Sea Water Sports. Everyone can’t experience it. For preserving in thoughts protection, they have got made a few rule which has to comply with through everyone. If you’re making plans to visit Goa together along with your friends. So, you may attempt your first bungee jumping in Goa. There also are such a lot of locations to go to and activities in Goa except shape Bungee Jumping.


Bungee jumping in Rishikesh is one form of blood speeding activity. This is precisely barred for humans who’ve coronary heart disease. But for doing this, you need a variety of courage, and this could be simplest executed through the final thrill seekers of this world.


In this location, you can no longer get the herbal Bungee jumping in Delhi, however you may set up to leap at one of these artificially created ones. You get right here at the very first rate and now no longer many horrifying jumps which may be an ideal choice for you. All preparations are made beneath the expert trainer, and they’re skilled as consistent with global standards.

The participating minimum age needs to be fourteen years. If all people are stricken by a coronary heart problem, then they can’t do bungee jumping. In this gadget bungee jumping heights are 25 meters. 


Are you making plans for a few exciting adventure experiences? If you’re anywhere close to Bangalore, you’ve got you ought to attempt Bungee Jumping right here.  This may be something extraordinary, so one can tell, as a way to make you even extra pumped or excited.

For starters, it’s miles from the quality platform like jumping from the cellular crane, and that is because the best adventure location in India after Rishikesh in bungee jumping. Here, a professional has looked after protection very much.


For bungee jumping the best location in Lonavala is Della Adventure. It is a small hill station that is the outskirts of Pune. The device is ready with all of the contemporary technology. The top of the gadget is 105 ft, and it lasts approximately 7 to 10 minutes. For driving this man or woman needs to be ten years vintage with 35 kg weight. The specialists let you know all of the protection measures earlier than you begin jumping.

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